All Consuming

Book #3

When firefighter Kal Donovan transfers to the Tactical Rescue Team, he's determined to succeed by giving work one hundred percent of his attention. This proves difficult at his ten-year high school reunion when he runs into Hannah Clark, his first love. She's still the smart, funny, beautiful girl he loved in high school. She's divorced, has a son, and has zero interest in exploring an old romance. Hannah has moved back home after a disastrous end to a marriage. Now her only focus is building her hair salon, and making sure her son is happy. She doesn't have time for love-especially not with Kal. She intends to look forward, and Kal is most definitely part of her past. However as Hannah and Kal start spending time together, Hannah realizes that what she's feeling for him isn't nostalgia, but attraction. Kal's intent on showing her what it's like to be cared for, romanced, and consumed with passion. But she wonders if she has the courage to risk her heart again, even as Kal vows not to lose her a second time.

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