Avas Mate

Book #3

Ava Wolfen has dreamed of her mate since she was a little girl-a powerful werewolf shifter-but what does fate give her? A shifter-hating military human named Logan Brown. It has only been a few months since Logan learned that werewolves exist but Logan despises them. He's having a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that both his sister and brother have mated with werewolves. If that wasn't enough, now he finds out he's supposedly destined to mate a werewolf. When a girls' night out goes wrong, Logan saves the day, and in the process he reveals supernatural powers that he's kept hidden. After the rescue, the attraction Ava and Logan have fought for so long becomes undeniable, and they spend an explosive night together. But if they give a relationship a go, will it work, or are they a disaster that's doomed from the start?

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