Claimed/Tamed *Rename/Republish*

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“Claimed” Orig published as Claiming Her Mate.
For more than seven years, Summer Ashcroft has had to watch the man she knows is her mate go about his life, distant toward her. As one of only a few white tiger shifters left, the pressure on her to mate threatens to suffocate her. Evan MacKenzie has forcefully maintained his distance from Summer. But when the truth is discovered, they must work as one to search out answers for Evan, and secure a future for Summer’s species.

“Tamed” Orig published as Alphas Onyx and Fire.
Tessa Cardwell’s life changed overnight when she was left to raise her five siblings. When a friend suggested moving to the small town of New Hope Valley, she packed up her family and set out. She finds herself in the middle of a life changing experience if she can hold onto the two men fate placed in front of her. Leontis Harper searched for the woman who turned his life upside down. Determination to find her lands him in New Hope Valley and places him in a situation he has come quite used to—rejection. Sage Ashcroft is the last White Tiger Alpha. What the Alpha wants he gets, until now. Finding himself in the position where compromise is the key to having everything or losing it all, Sage must decide if he can handle what fate has in store. Can the trio find even ground for their mating?

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