Dont Blame Me *Rename/Republish*

Book #1 Previously published as “Need You Now” by Emma Douglas.

Growing up in the shadow of her rock god dad taught Faith Harper that fame has a price. When her own music career fizzled, she came home to Cloud Bay. She's perfectly happy running CloudFest, the music festival that's one part of her father's legacy, staying out of the spotlight, and keeping men strictly temporary. And when she lays eyes on Caleb White, she knows no one would blame her for choosing him for a summer fling. He's perfect-a hot famous guy who'll leave quietly when they're done. Caleb has been number one in the tennis world for a long time. But he can't play forever, and he needs a new plan. When his best friend announces he's going to CloudFest, Cloud Bay sounds like the perfect place to figure things out with no distractions. Until he meets Faith. Kissing her is more than a distraction, it's downright addictive. And soon he's not sure he wants to let her go. Convincing Faith to believe in love is going to take more than music and hot summer nights and it's a match he can't afford to lose, because it's his whole heart on the line.

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