Book #2

Book #1 Jake. Henry Myers never kept his gender preferences a secret. His mother supported his choices and stood by his side even when his career tanked because of it. Now shes gone, and so is his career. Henry is at a loss. Patrick Garrett, Paddy, is now in a bad place. Hes worked at the precinct since he was in his early twenties, and now he can trust no one. Not his captain nor his partner. He was shot and bleeding, and it seems the whole precinct is on the take. Henry has been able to talk to ghosts since a near death experience as a child. Now it seems Paddy can see them as well. But when Wally, Henry's ghostly companion referred to Paddy as Henry's mate. Neither man was sure how to take that news. Henry couldn't deny the attraction to the cop, and if the man didn't put back on his shirt, he’s not so sure he'd be able to control himself.

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