Moonlight and Magic

Book #4

Start with Betwixt. Forty-something Annette Osmund always knew she was psychic. She's not, but that didn't stop her from giving those non-existent abilities her all. What she is, however, is a very powerful witch who has just inherited magics she never dreamed possible. Starting over in a new town with her BFF has been an adventure. Her BFF's status as a powerful type of witch called a charmling has kept Annette busy. But while Defiance, a seeker, is still learning to use her magics, Annette is taken over by powers of her own. Turns out, her being besties with Defiance was not an accident. They were drawn to each other even before their powers emerged. But how did this even happen? Fortunately, there's one way to find out. She confronts her mother, because the only way she could be a charmling is to inherit the power, and her father, while a wonderful man, is hardly a magical being. But there is someone else who wants to know where she got her powers from as well: a delicious entity who's following her every move dangerous organization threatens everything she loves, she can either use her magics to vanquish the entity from her life, or she can learn to work with him, but working together could cost her the one thing she's kept safe for years: her heart.

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