On A Starlit Ocean

Erin Jacobs spent the last four years on racing yachts, working for outrageously wealthy owners in glittering regattas around the world. She hasn't been home in all that time, carrying the unspeakable secret of her father's mysterious disappearance offshore. But when her sister Skye begs her to return home to Great Haven Island, Erin finds the former holiday paradise has fallen on hard times. To save the village, Erin agrees to work with old flame Tristan Drummond, now a powerful developer who plans to re-open the resort and establish a prestigious regatta. But big plans never do run smooth. Working with Tristan reveals his desire to rekindle their romance, while Erin falls for new doctor Alex Bell, even as their relationship threatens to uncover the truth of her father's death. With home and future at stake, and Tristan's jealously taking a dangerous turn, will Erin be able to save everything she loves? Or will her dreams be washed into the Haven sea?

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