Riding Hard

Book #2

Book #1 Buck Wild. As the eldest brother, the responsibility for the family ranch now rests on Mark Bennett's broad shoulders. He wouldn't have it any other way-he loves being in charge. Working hard on the land helps him stay focused and keeps him from noticing what's missing in his life-what he'll never allow himself to have for fear that one small taste will break his careful control. But a blue-eyed blonde has just arrived in town, and the attraction between them is undeniably hot. So Mark tightens the reins around his heart-how can he tell her what he really wants? Events planner Katelyn Johnson's new gig is the wedding of a rodeo superstar. Right now, it's tough not to focus on the rider's tempting older brother. So far, getting beneath Mark's gruff exterior has been a pleasure. What she needs to do is go a little deeper. But the closer they get, the more Mark pulls away. Katelyn's not afraid of a challenge, though.

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