Rough Ride

Book #5

Book #1 Wild Ride, Book #2 Slow Ride, Book #3 Hard Ride, Book #4 Joy Ride. Sevan has been keeping secrets. She's not the errand boy everyone at the Wildfire outlaw motorcycle gang thinks she is. No, she's been playing a dangerous game, hunting their president from inside their ranks in the name of revenge. And if anyone finds out, they won't hesitate to kill her. Levi Jansen has always been drawn to Sevan, even when he thought she was a mechanic named Rivet. He can't blame her for that since he's been hiding too. As an undercover agent, he's relied on his partnership with ex-con, Ransom, to infiltrate Wildfire and build a case against them. As the three of them swirl deeper into darkness, they need to rely on each other to find their way out, and back home to Hot Rides. Otherwise they're doomed to become exactly what they've been fighting. Allowing themselves to be distracted by desire would be the stupidest thing they could do. Unfortunately the attraction between them is impossible to ignore.

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