Seducing The Smuggler

Legend says Brenna MacGregor died a tragic death four years ago, and that suits her just fine. No one suspects she's now a whisky smuggler. Money from the whisky keeps the clan from starving, but she's set her sights on reclaiming MacGregor land stolen by a corrupt local magistrate. She has a plan, but there's a very large handsome problem standing in her way. Captain Alexander Weston excels at catching criminals. His English regiment is in Scotland to capture a band of murdering highwaymen, but he has another purpose in the Highlands. He's searching for proof his parents were married before he was born. When a woman leaves him clues to find the outlaws, he realizes Brenna MacGregor is no ghost. Not only does she hold the key to his investigation, but to his future as well. He will do anything to discover her secrets, including seduce them out of her.

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