Soul Of Eon

Book #8

Book #1 Edge of Eon, Book #2 Touch of Eon, Boook #3 Heart Of Eon, Book #4 Kiss Of Eon, Book #5 Mark Of Eon, Book #6 Claim Of Eon, Book #7 Storm of Eon. Commander Kaira Chand of the Australian Air Force knows the meaning of loss. She lost both her husband and her father over recent years. As head of security for a secret weapons facility in the Australian desert, she's fighting to protect the scientists working to defend Earth from invasion. That includes working with their allies, the Eon Warriors. What she never expected to find herself instantly mated to a handsome, silver fox alien warrior. Medical Commander Thane Kann-Eon lives to heal. He's dedicated to keeping his crew aboard the warship, the Rengard, whole and healthy. Unlike his fellow warriors, he knows he'll never mate. There hasn't been a mating in his family for generations. Then a petite Terran commander changes everything. He's instantly drawn to Kaira, and as soon as their hands touch an unheard of instant mating occurs. In the midst of their shocking connection, Kaira and Thane find themselves abducted by a Kantos strike team. Taken aboard a battlecruiser, they soon realize the insectoid aliens nabbed the wrong couple, and they are marked for execution. Now they'll both struggle with their mating bond, against the backdrop of Kantos where everything is out to kill them.

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