Stars Over Alaska

Book #4

Book #1 An Alaskan Christmas, Book #2 Under An Alaskan Sky, Book #3 A Sweet Alaskan Fall. Needing a safe place to hide her latest client, agent Leslie Sanders returns to her hometown to wait out the search for the young Hollywood star's stalker. Just being back in Alaska is stirring up emotions she'd buried, and as much as Leslie believed she was moving on, she's still not over the death of her fiancé. The sun, sand and surf made it easy to forget but seeing Levi Grayson just makes everything that much harder. Levi Grayson has been one of Alaska's elite group of wildland firefighters for almost ten years, but nothing about his job rattles him as much as seeing Leslie again. When Leslie left Wild River after Dawson's death, it had hurt to lose his two best friends in a matter of weeks. Resisting his feelings for her when Dawson was alive was tough, but he's not sure he's strong enough anymore to fight the attraction between them.
Includes Book #3.5 “A Wild River Match”.

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