The Complete Fire Lookouts *t/p*

*5 IN 1

 “Looking for the Fire” Tess Weaver is only at home at the top of the mountain above a thousand square miles of Idaho, watching for wildfires. It’s the quiet place she makes sense to herself. Right until Jack Parker becomes her closest neighbor, on the next ridge, one lookout tower and fifteen long miles away.

“Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout” Life’s purpose eludes Tom Cunningham. Leaving behind Seattle, his job, and a near supply of easy women, he grabs adventure and spends a summer in the Montana wilderness, looking for wildfires. Done with her military service, Patty Dale enters the wilderness to pursue her life’s dream to hunt gray wolves with a camera and a notebook.

“Blaze Atop Swallow Hill Lookout” Marta Chavez possesses the honor of spotting the most fires in a single season from her perch high atop Swallow Hill in the rugged Lolo National Forest. Her fantasies of finding a decent man feel as ephemeral as wildfire smoke. Until Tyler Brown crash lands his firefighting helicopter at her remote cloister and they both must survive.

“Summer of Fire and Heart” Quite how Ashley Mason made the journey from rural Kansas to working atop a lookout tower in the Montana wilderness eludes her. This summer’s challenge: coping with isolation. Brent Tucker dedicates every summer to learning something new. This summer’s goal: to master hang gliding.

“Together atop Sapphire Lookout” Just before Danny Chay’s life runs completely down the drain, an old friend bails his sorry self. Bails him off the street and onto the 3,000-mile long Continental Divide Trail. What’s up with that? Lexi Forrester needs a change. A summer as a fire lookout lies blissfully far away from her law-office past that she loses herself.

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