The Cowboys Surprise Bride/The Cowboys Unexpected Family

“The Cowboy's Surprise Bride” (Orig 01/13)
Traveling to Canada's Territories is a chance for Linette Edwards to escape a dreaded marriage in England, and she eagerly accepts Eddie Gardiner's written invitation. How could she know that Eddie thinks he's marrying her friend, Margaret? Eddie planned for a well-bred bride, not a ragamuffin stranger with a little boy in her care. He'll shelter them until springtime and no longer. But before the snow clears, his heart begins to thaw, too.

“The Cowboy's Unexpected Family” (Orig 03/13)
Cassie Godfrey is determined to be self-sufficient. But her plans are interrupted by four young orphans--and one persistent cowboy. If she'll care for the children until their uncle claims them, Roper Jones will build Cassie's house. All Roper can offer Cassie is the love and acceptance she claims not to need. But dreams, like hearts, can change...

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