The Gilded Hour *trade p/back*


Dr. Liliane "Anna" Savard (granddaughter of Nathaniel Bonner of the Wilderness series) and Dr. Sophie Elodie Savard (Nathaniel's great-granddaughter but about the same age as Anna). It's 1883, and cousins Anna and Sophie Savard, both raised by a Knickerbocker relative they call Aunt, are graduates of the Women's Medical School and hardworking physicians who defy social norms by caring for those who need them most. Sophie, who is mixed race, loves and is loved by the consumptive scion of one of Manhattan society's leading families. Anna meets a well-educated Italian American detective who helps her search for orphaned brothers, one an infant, who have gone missing after being separated from their sisters en route to a Manhattan orphanage. When Anna treats a woman who dies after being injured during a botched abortion, Comstock sets his sights on the cousins.

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