The Laird


Judith Lindsay is not just an English-born enemy of Clan Campbell--she's the widow of Kenneth Lindsay, whose family holds a child promised to Argyll, the Campbell Clan's overlord.

Robert Campbell is not just a Scottish warrior for King Robert Bruce--he's a new laird of his own lands, won on the battlefield against the English.

Fate brings Judith to Rob when his father abducts her along with the Lindsay child at the behest of Argyll, a powerful man Rob detests. The deaths of his seven brothers in the skirmish with Clan Lindsay should make him hate Judith--but Rob soon finds that there is much more to this woman than he expected. She has steely determination beneath her cool beauty, and untouched passion that lures Rob to vanquish the boundaries set upon them by old feuds and loyalties . . .

But they are a people at war. Can they survive the inevitable clash to find love and peace in the Scottish Highlands?


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