The Long Ride

Book #1

Everyone knows Lucas Burr, rodeo star and cowboy, the man who put the tiny town of Burrwood on the map. When one nasty and suspicious fall nearly ends his career, Lucas needs help. Jack Gable isn't Lucas' first choice but he's the best physical therapist in town. Out and proud, Jack Gable likes small-town life, but finding Mr. Right is harder than in a city. A former paramedic who's worked plenty of rodeo nights, Jack is familiar with the damage done to a cowboy's body. He can heal Lucas, if Lucas cooperates. Lucas is sure he was sabotaged-he's been riding since he was a kid and the ride felt off. He also owns a quarter of the booming rodeo business and a big family ranch, meaning plenty of suspects to investigate with Jack along for the ride. Straight shooter Jack is unafraid of small-town gossip and also not afraid to tell Lucas how he feels. He's ready to rope him into a very real relationship that could change everything for the more reserved Lucas. But can Lucas come to terms with his feelings, or will public pressure and judgment tear the couple apart?

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