The Missing

Book #3

Book #1 The Runaway, Book #2 The Hunted. Drawn to the 
former Bainesworth Manor in the wake of a murder, reporter Edie 
Stone wants answers. It's been over forty years since the psychiatric 
hospital on Bane Island shut down, and the mystery of women 
vanishing there remains unsolved. But the exclusive retreat isn't just 
protected by the dark pine forests and Maine's rocky coast. Everyone on the 
island is keeping secrets. Especially Dr. Elijah Cooke, grandson of the man 
who headed Bainesworth Manor and the psychiatrist-proprietor of a new 
wellness resort on the same premises. His desire to help people seems at war 
with his loyalty to his family. He's sure the world is out to get him. And as the 
accidents pile up, Edie becomes convinced someone is trying to kill them 
both. But if she's close enough to be a threat, she must be close to the truth.


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