The Scandalous Lyon

Book #2

Book #1 Into the Lyons Den by Jade Lee. Lord Jason Glazebrook has no plans to settle down. He will not inherit for several years, and worse, he is at odds with his brother, Charles, Duke of Shewsbury. To escape the tension at home, Jason spends many hours at his club, the Lyon's Den. When the matchmaker, Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon introduces him to a debutante, Miss Beverly Crabtree, Jason considers the young lady perfect for a dalliance and invites her to ride with him in Hyde Park. When he discovers Beverly is a gently reared girl, he is determined not to see her again. But he cannot forget her. Despite his brother's warning, Jason refuses to relinquish Miss Crabtree. He senses she is in trouble and wants to help. He has never met a woman he wanted for his own until he met Beverly. It is only a matter of time before shame and disgrace befall the Crabtree family. While her worried mother seeks a wealthy suitor for her, Beverly tries to deny her feelings for Jason. The Shewsburys will never accept her as his wife. Jason's plan may be a possible way out of her troubles. With few options left to her, and the lure of spending days in his company, Beverly is determined to take the chance.

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