The Seekers Chest

Book #1

Taryn, her drunken faeries, and most of her friends, survived the fight for the relics left behind by the missing people known as the Ancients. Now a new adventure awaits as they find there are deeper, older dangers loose in the world. Taryn just wants to have a normal life, hopefully with the love of her life and her crazed drunken faeries. Sadly, hoping doesn't always make it so. There are dangers moving up from the south, a kingdom far removed from Beccia and all Taryn knows. Hidden messages, deadly jewelry, and possessed weapons are all invading her dreams of normalcy. Too many people know who she really is. And they know how to use her as a weapon. Taryn and her friends have to figure out the clues before people start vanishing. And the faeries really had nothing to do with it. Really.

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