The Stepbrothers

Book #3

Book #1 The Billionaires, Book #2 The Bosses. Scarlet Drake is an insurance fraud investigator hot on the heels of the thief who stole a multimillion-dollar art collection. Unfortunately, the sexy Wolf of Wall Street is also her prime suspect-along with his stepbrother, Montana rancher Sam Reed. Scarlet quickly finds herself tangled up in the two handsome men, and ensnared in a web of family lies. Michael is used to getting what he wants-and he wants Scarlet. Sam had no intention of getting involved with a woman again, but he can't deny the chemistry with Scarlet. And when the three of them cave to one night of sheer decadence, their menage becomes an affair of the heart. But they don't stand a chance at a happily ever after unless all of the truths are finally revealed.

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