The Summer Sisters repack


Book #1 Home for the Holidays. The Buchanan sisters share everything-including their inherited Juniper Inn. But when their mother won't let go of a decades-long feud with their Aunt Sassy to attend the inn's grand re-opening, the sisters decide a family reunion is overdue. Rose is determined to put together an extravagant celebration. Only she needs to convince the hardware store owner to help finish the inn's renovations. After a heartbreaking end to her marriage, Dahlia and her kids are just starting to rebuild their lives. Dahlia's even considering opening herself up to love again, but will that upset the stability she's worked to give her children? Sassy McGrath has never stopped missing her sister, Lillian, and they've both been too stubborn to reconcile, some shocking news might change everything. As family bonds are tested, will these two very different generations of women find the strength to believe in themselves and each other?


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