Up in Smoke

Book #1

Running an engine crew in the
Chicago Fire Department is my
dream job, and between that, my
awesome kid, and my nosey sister, I
lead a pretty great life. Bruised and burned by my
marriage, I don't have time for dating or drama, but
I always have time for pie. And when I share a slice
of cherry with a sweet redhead, followed by the
hottest, dirtiest, most pulse-pounding kiss of my
life, I start to rethink the possibilities. Until that
woman walks into my firehouse and upends my
well-ordered world. Abby Sullivan is now a rookie
firefighter on my crew and a threat to my self-
control more dangerous than a five-alarm blaze. My
job is to watch her six when all I want is to watch
her fall into my bed. Lust has no place in the
firehouse, and a distraction like Abby with her
electric blue eyes, waves of flame-red hair, and
freckles I want to map with my tongue, is one I can
ill afford. Because one wrong move ... and it could
all go up in smoke.

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