Wyoming Homecoming

Book #11

Start with Wyoming Tough. When Sheriff Cody Banks's wife 
died, he blamed Abby Brennan for the illness he's sure killed 
Deborah and, in his grief, made sure she knew it. Looking 
back now, he knows that his behavior was likely the reason 
Abby left town years ago. So when he sees her--and the child 
she's raising--at her great-uncle's funeral, Cody attempts to 
apologize, ashamed to see the fear he puts in her beautiful 
eyes and determined to show her he's no longer that same angry man. The 
only reason Abby returned to Catelow, Wyoming, was to bury her last 
living relative. She has studiously avoided Cody Banks ever since he made 
it clear how much he resents her, focusing instead on raising her young 
niece and keeping her own family legacy alive. But when Abby inherits the 
property adjoining Cody's, she can't help but face the handsome sheriff 
who still lingers in her memory. Circumstances keep pulling them 
together, but has time healed their wounds and given them a chance at a 


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