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About Rosemary's Romance Books - Opened in August 2002 to supply readers with Romance Fiction which was unavailable through the conventional bookstore outlets in Queensland, we specialise in all the sub-genres found within Romance Fiction. We stock books by Avon, Jove, Ballantine, Kensington, Daw Books, St Martins Press, and many more. We stock many independent publishers. We pride ourselves on keeping a diverse and exciting range of books written by women for women on our shelves, and we welcome inquiries about new authors and titles.


Contact Us Mon-Sat, on 61+ 07 3229 0088. Or email us your orders and inquiries on info@rosemarysromancebooks.com.

Mail-Order Service - We use the Australia Post Express Post Satchels and Ordinary Mail satchels. Please note these prices may change due to post changes....

  • We send 500g in a Small bag for $14.10 Express Post, or $10.60 Ordinary Mail (which is about 2 small paperbacks). Ordinary Mail is best for purchases of 1 or 2 books in the Metro area.
  • We now send 1 Kg in a Medium Express Post Satchel for $18.50 or Regular Post $14.50 (about 3-4 paperback or 1 trade paperback)
  • We send up to 3 Kgs in our Large Express Post satchel for $22.75,  or Regular Post $18.25 (which can hold 5-10 small paperbacks).
  • We send up to 5 Kgs in our Extra Large Express Post satchel for $29.95 or Regular Post $21.95

Hardcovers are sent in large bags due to their weight. Trade and large paperbacks are sent according to their weight.
For specific queries please contact us on 07 3229
0088 or info@rosemarysromancebooks.com.

Monthly Catalogue & Newsletter -Monthly Catalogue & Newsletter - We email out a free monthly catalogue and newsletter to all our customers which details the current month's new releases, specials and favourite book buys including reviews and recommendations, as well as upcoming releases and news from Rosemary's Romance Books. This free catalogue will cease if there has been no activity recorded against a customer's account.
Sign up for the free monthly catalogue here.

Gift Vouchers - Gift vouchers are the very best present you can give the devoted book lover. You can set the amount you would like to give with our Gift Vouchers, and please tell us if they are for Christmas or a special occasion and we can customise them individually.

Hard-to-Find and Out-of-Print Books - We find out-of-print titles through affiliated secondhand dealers here and in the USA. We do not sell secondhand books, nor do we buy them. If you are living in Brisbane, we recommend that you take your secondhand romance novels to the Mt Gravatt Book Exchange where they find good homes for old romances. Please send us your Hard-to-Find books queries - we are glad to help.

Pricing Policy - We sell paperbacks, Trade paperbacks (large size) and Hardcover books.

Payment Methods - We have PayPal, EFTPOS, accepting credit cards VISA, or MasterCard. We do not accept Diners Card or American Express due to their surcharge policy. We accept Cheques and Australia Post Money Orders. If you would like to make a direct debit through Internet Banking facilities, please contact us for our account details. Email or fax through the receipt notification when processed, using your name in the subject/note field so we know where the monies are coming from.

Lay-By - We do not have a Lay-By service. We are happy to reserve titles in our storage area, or order in a book when the timing meets a customer's schedule. We understand that books are hard to accommodate in a person's budget so we are happy to be flexible.

Returns Policy - Choose your books carefully, we prefer not make exchanges. Many titles are reissued with new covers which can make double-ups possible. If there is a title which you aren't sure if you have already, we can check with our customer profile that tracks your purchases so we'll know if you have already purchased it here. Or we can reserve the title until you have checked your personal collection. We allow exchanges for duplicate books at our discretion upon presentation of receipt: we do not refund the purchase price or issue a credit - we exchange only.

Book Sizes - Here is a photo of the size of our books to better display the difference in our terms. On the left hand side are Hardcovers, next to them are our Tradesize paperbacks which are slightly smaller, and not as expensive as Hardcovers, with the Small paperbacks on the right hand side. These terms we will use throughout the site.