The Chase *reissue*

ORIG 12/04

Seonaid Dunbar had been trained as a Scottish warrior at her
father's knee, and she would rather fight than flee. But
running away to an abbey was preferable than marrying Blake
Sherwell. No, she'd not dutifully pledge troth to anyone the
English court called Angel. Fair hair and eyes as blue as the
heavens hardly proved a man's worth. There was no such
thing as an English angel; only English devils. And there were
many ways to elude a devilish suitor, even one that King Henry ordered her
to wed. The next Countess of Sherwell was not sitting at home in her castle,
embroidering, peacefully waiting for Blake to arrive. No, she was fleeing to a
new stronghold and readying her defenses. Swords and sleeping drafts,
Claymores and kisses. This battle would require all weapons--if he ever
caught her. And the chase was about to begin.

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