Her First Desire

Book #2

Book #1 His Secret Mistress. She arrived in town, beautiful and bold and declaring that she's inherited property that that he has already claimed! As a member of the local Logical Men's Society, Ned Thurlowe prides himself on thinking clearly and calmly at all times. And it's clear that the meeting place of the society--a local tavern--is his even if the men have turned it to shambles. But Ned's claim is challenged Gemma Estep, who's announced she's decided to turn it into some sort of respectable tea garden for the local ladies. Ned challenges Gemma, and in doing so behaves most illogically, for though he wants to dismiss her, he also can't help but desire her. Gemma has had enough of men telling her what to do, and she's vowed to make her own way in the world. And Ned Thurlowe is ruining her plans. Not only has he laid claim to her property, pitting them in a heated fight for its ownership, he's also arousing in her feelings she's never sensed before. And although they argue, they quickly discover they have more in common than they'd each ever dreamed--could their disagreement be turning into desire?

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