Sisters And Secrets

Sierra returns home with her two little boys after a devastating
Napa wildfire takes her home, her job, and even the last
mementos of her late husband, David. Determined to start
over, how can she ever reveal the truth--that her husband may
have led a double life? To the world, Amy's world is perfect:
handsome husband, delightful children, an Instagram-worthy
home. But behind this facade lies an awful truth: her marriage is rocky,
her children resentful, her home on the verge of breaking up. Heather,
impulsive, free-spirited, and single mom to an adorable little girl, lives
for the moment wearing a carefree smile. But she refuses to reveal the
truth about her daughter's father, and his identity remains a mystery even
to her family. As the Silva Sisters secrets are revealed, each realizes that
there is more to their family than meets the eyes...and forgiveness may
be the only way to move forward and reclaim true happiness at last.

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