Lukes Cut


Start with Caines Reckoning. Unencumbered by wife or family, Luke Bellen is the obvious member of Hell's Eight to lead a trek across Comanche territory. But Luke suspects he will never know another minute's peace when photographer Josie Kinder joins the wagon train. Josie has a voluptuous figure, a sunny disposition and a knack for getting into dangerous scrapes in pursuit of the perfect shot. Luke thinks Josie's too young, too sweet to be spoiled by the rough life and hard-bitten land he loves. But independent Josie won't let any man decide what's best for her. Beneath their playful banter is a powerful current of lust. If only Luke weren't so damned proper, he'd see that the years between them don't matter, not when a single touch can set them both ablaze. Josie's hell-bent on having it all, and that includes keeping Luke in the picture.

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