Whispers beyond the Veil Trade P/Back

Book #1

Canada, 1898. The only life Ruby Proulx has ever known is that of a nomad, traveling the country with her snake-oil salesman father. She dreams of taking root somewhere, but, until she can, she makes her way by reading tarot cards. Yet she never imagined her life would take such a turn. After one of her father’s medical miracles goes deadly wrong, Ruby evades authorities by hiding in the seaside resort town of Old Orchard, Maine, where her estranged aunt, Honoria, owns the Hotel Belden, a unique residence that caters to Spiritualists a place where Ruby should be safe as long as she can keep her dark secret hidden. But Ruby’s plan begins to crumble after a psychic investigator checks into the hotel and senses Ruby is hiding more than she s letting on. Now Ruby must do what she can to escape both his attention and Aunt Honoria’s insistence that she has a true gift, before she loses her precious new home and family forever.

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