The White Spell

Books #10

Start with Star Of The Morning. Acair of Ceangail, youngest
bastard son of the worst black mage in history, has followed in
his father's footsteps, wreaking havoc throughout the world and
leaving powerful enemies in his wake. After a year of reparation,
he owes a final bit of penance: twelve months spent working in a
barn without using his magic. Laersinn of Saachte understands
horses, stable work, and how to judge men's hearts. When she starts
seeing shadows where there should only be light, she knows there is evil
afoot. Unfortunately, it's something she can't fight on her own. Acair's
attempts to aid Laersinn only draw the notice of dangerous mages
against whom he is currently defenseless. With only each other to rely
on, Acair and Laersinn find themselves suddenly in a race to save the
world before it's consumed by darkness.

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