Bound For Temptation

Book #3

Book #1 Bound For Eden, Book #2 Bound For Sin. Emma Palmer has gone by even more names, but most recently she is known as Seline, madam of her own establishment. Her place is clean, her booze is cheap and her bedrooms are fancy. But when a would-be patron won't take no for an answer, she is forced to don a new disguise and flee. While the schemes she cooks up might seem outrageous to an outsider, they haven't failed her yet. Tom Slater is a cattleman at the tail end of a long season on the trail. He's looking forward to a quiet winter at his old family homestead in Mexico. What he doesn't plan on is escorting a group of women on the run to safety south of the border. Tom doesn't need to be a trailsman to know that the woman with the sly eyes will only lead to trouble.

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