Little Black Book

Book #15

Start with Homicide in Hardcover. Brooklyn and her husband,
security expert Derek Stone, have just returned from a trip to
Dharma, where the construction of their new home away from
home is well underway, when a little black book arrives in the mail
from Scotland. The book is a rare British first edition of Rebecca,
and there's no return address on the package. The day after the book arrives,
Claire Quinn shows up at Brooklyn and Derek's home. Brooklyn met Claire
when the two women worked as expert appraisers on the television show This
Old Attic. Brooklyn appraised books on the show and Claire's expertise was in
antique British weaponry, but they bonded over their shared love of gothic
novels. Claire reveals that during a recent trip to Scotland she discovered her
beloved aunt was missing and her home had been ransacked. Among her
aunt's belongings, Claire found the receipt for the package that wound up with
Brooklyn and Derek. Claire believes both her own life and her aunt's are in
danger and worries that her past may be coming back to haunt her. But just as
Brooklyn and Derek begin to investigate, a man who Claire thinks was
following her is found murdered, stabbed with a priceless jeweled dagger. With
a death on their doorstep, Brooklyn and Derek page through the little black
book, where they discover clues that will take them to the shadows of a
medieval Scottish castle on the shores of Loch Ness. Under the watchful gaze
of a mysterious laird and the irascible villagers who are suspicious of the
strangers in their midst, Brooklyn and Derek must decode the secrets in Rebecca
to keep their friend's past from destroying their future

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