When She Dreams H/C

Book #6
Start with The Girl Who Knew too Much. Maggie Lodge, assistant to the
reclusive advice columnist known only as Dear Aunt Cornelia to
her readers, hires down-but-not-quite-out private eye Sam Sage
to help track down the person who is blackmailing her employer.
Maggie and Sam are a mismatched pair. As far as Sam is
concerned, Maggie is reckless and in over her head. She is not
what he had in mind for a client, but he can't afford to be choosy. Maggie, on
the other hand, is convinced that Sam is badly in need of guidance and good
advice. She does not hesitate to give him both. In spite of the verbal fireworks
between them, they are fiercely attracted to each other, but each is convinced
it would be a mistake to let passion take over. They are, after all, keeping
secrets from each other. Sam is haunted by his past, which includes a marriage
shattered by betrayal and violence. Maggie is troubled by intense and vivid
dreams--dreams that she can sometimes control. There are those who want to
run experiments on her and use her for their own purposes, while others think
she should be committed to an asylum. When the pair discovers someone is
impersonating Aunt Cornelia at a conference on psychic dreaming and a
woman dies at the conference, the door is opened to a dangerous web of
blackmail and murder. Secrets from the past are revealed, leaving Maggie and
Sam in the path of a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to exact

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