The Vets Christmas Familiar

Book #4

Book #1 The Witchs Familiar, Book #2 The Vampires Familiar, Book #3 The Rock Stars Familiar. Wounded and left for dead, Kit Linfield is stuck in his hawk form. A Christmas Eve flight with his family turns to slaughter when the hawks are fired upon. Kit played dead, but he needs help, or he'll die. He wants to live to have vengeance. Errol Hart is spending Christmas alone for the first time since his divorce. When a badly wounded hawk is delivered to his care, it's the first animal that Errol can't talk to. The hawk is so badly injured Errol isn't sure it will survive. But the way it looks at him, like it understands every word. While he's healing, Kit falls for the vet...but will Errol want him when he's human?

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