Blackbird Broken

Book #2

Book #1 Blackbird Rising. Generations of De Montfort women have protected the sword in the stone. Gwen is the last of them, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, Moscelyne. But the sword has now been drawn, and the new Witch King may well be working with Darkside. Now the race is on to find the missing artifacts that will stop the king accessing the full power of the sword. But as the attacks escalate and the fractured clues of history are slowly pieced together, Gwen, Mo, and Luc Durant-the motorbike-riding warrior from an ancient order of knights-quickly realize all is not as it seems. Worse still, the true source of the plot to unleash Darkside and restore witch rule is far closer to home than any had guessed. But as new prophecies rise, and the truth of the sword in the stone becomes clear, another race begins. One that will end with a crown, a throne, and the fate of all England as its prize.

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