Broken Bonds

Book #8

Start with Blood Kissed. Lizzie Grace is doing her utmost to ignore the portents of doom, wanting nothing more than enjoy her life and her time with
Aiden O'Connor while she still can. But the song of the wellspring still washes across the distant shores of darkness, and it continues to draw evil to
the reservation. The one that arrives this time is different from the others. Not only is it skilled in magic, but its kills are very specific. Very targeted. As
the brutal deaths mount up and she, Monty, and Aiden struggle to find answers and stop the killings, Lizzie begins to suspect there's more to this
particular evil than meets the eye. Especially when it helps save the life of a child. But the biggest threat to Lizzie comes not in the form of evil, but
rather the changes whispered on the wind. Because the werewolf Aiden once asked to be his wife has finally arrived back in the reservation.

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