The Boardwalk Bookshop

When fate brings three strangers to a
charming space for lease on the
California coast, the Boardwalk
Bookshop is born. Part bookstore,
part gift shop, part bakery, it's a dream
come true for Bree, Mikki and Ashley. But
while their business is thriving, their personal lives
are not. Bree, wounded by brilliant but cold parents
and her late husband's betrayal, has sworn to protect
her heart at all costs. Even from Ashley's brother, a
writer and adventurer who has inspired millions.
He's the first man to see past Bree's barricades to
her true self, which terrifies her. Mikki has this
divorce thing all figured out-somehow, she's stayed
friends with her ex and her in-laws until a new man
changes how everyone looks at her, and how she
sees herself. Meanwhile, Ashley discovers that the
love of her life never intends to marry. Can she live
without being a wife if it means she can have
everything else she's ever wanted?

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