Her Last Whisper *repack*

Book #3

Book #1 The Last Victim, Book #2 The Last Kiss Goodbye. After their last case, serial killer expert and ghost whisperer Dr. Charlotte Stone and the FBI team she works with are all taking a much-needed break, though Charlotte refuses to give up her research at a local prison. Distracted, she puts herself in danger, forcing her ghostly bodyguard Michael to put his soul in danger protecting her. In the midst of that struggle, Lena, one of Charlotte's FBI teammates, suspects that her sister Giselle has been taken by a Vegas serial killer. Flying to Sin City, Charlotte meets with her psychic friend Tam, who drives in from LA to help her shore up Michael's ability to stay in the earthly plane. As the team investigates Giselle's disappearance, Charlotte has to navigate personal relationships and leverage her ability to see ghosts to their advantage, without losing her credibility.

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