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Book #2

Anice Barrington has always been known as the prettiest of the Earl of Werrick's daughters. Years of trying to prove she's more than beauty has failed. When their mortal enemy is laying siege to Werrick Castle, Anice does the only thing in her power to keep her family safe: she offers herself as bride to her enemy. She swears she will not lose her heart to him, but soon discovers that may be impossible. James Graham has grown weary of a life of destruction and longs for peace. However, deciding to change does not mean there are opportunities to do so, at least until Lady Anice offers herself in marriage, bringing with her wealth and land that will insure a new beginning for his people. James knows she is far too beautiful for the likes of him and that comely appearances can hide the ugliest of hearts, but he cannot seem to stop himself from wanting. When love takes root, betrayal runs that much deeper. Will old hurts and new betrayals crush all their hopes and dreams, or will love truly conquer all?

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