Start with Lord of Winter. Achilles de Dere is a stubborn knight prone to fighting. If there is a punch to be thrown, it's usually from Achilles. When he first met Susanna de Tiegh, the sparks flew - and not in a good way. Susanna, an accomplished warrior in her own right and an agent for William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, refused to take Achilles' bullying behavior. Friends feared they would kill one another. But an abject hatred of each other soon turned into something else. Now Susanna is all Achilles can think of, even as he goes about his duties for William Marshal. When Susanna discovers that her own brother is involved in a plot against the king, Achilles is sent to help her get to the bottom of the plot. Before he can get to the woman he calls "Sparks", however, Susanna's brother realizes she is on to him and sells her off to one of the crown's greatest enemies to silence her. Now, Achilles is determined to help the woman warrior who started off as a thorn in his side but has now become the very air he breathes. It's a race against time to not only save Susanna, but to stop the plot that threatens to destroy the very fabric of England herself.

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