Three Promises *3 in 1*

Three Promises *3 in 1*

Book #1-3 *3 in 1*


“The Fireside Inn” Serena Lightfoot, director of the Sanctuary Island Public Library, has made a deal with the devil, otherwise known as Lord Leo. His offer? He will make a sizable donation to the small library if Serena finds the perfect poem for him to read at the Harrington wedding.

“Bonfire Beach” Felicity Carlson is doing just fine planning the big Harrington wedding by herself, but then she's forced to partner with Zane. Both of them know exactly what they want, and neither one will compromise.

“Lantern Lake” Vivian Banks is the One That Got Away. Her ex, Cooper, is appalled to discover he and Vivian are both part of the Harrington bridal party.

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