Tall Dark Bilionaire Texan

Tall Dark Bilionaire Texan

4 in 1

"The Billionaire Cowboy"
Ryder is a rough-riding cattle baron. When a feisty veterinarian arrives at the ranch, he meets the one spirit he can’t tame. And now he will do anything to show her what hes really made of.

"The Billion Dollar Player"
Dallas Cowboy Jase is a pro at charming women, including the hot waitress he meets. But when their passionate encounter inspires Jase to do better on the field, he can’t help but wonder: Are his days as a player numbered?

"Rocked by the Billionaire"
Rock star Luke has enough money and groupies to last forever. But when his wild life wears him down, he goes home in search of the one woman whos ever meant anything to him.

"The Billionaire Sheriff"
Noah pulls shifts in the police department. He doesn t need the money, but he wants to make a contribution. So when beautiful bar owner Naomi lands in trouble, Noah is eager to help her out...and offer protection in his strong, loving arms.

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