Shamed *repack*

Book #11

Start with Sworn to Silence. The peaceful town of Painters Mill is
shattered when an Amish grandmother is murdered on an
abandoned farm. When Chief of Police Kate Burkholder arrives
on the scene, she learns that the woman's seven-year-old
granddaughter is gone. Kate knows time is against her-the longer
the girl is missing, the less likely her safe return becomes. The girl's
family is a pillar of the Amish community, well-respected by all. But
Kate soon realizes they're keeping secrets-and the sins of their past may
be coming back to haunt them. Kate's investigation brings her to an
Old Order Amish settlement along the river, a community where family
is everything and tradition is upheld with an iron fist. But the killer is
close behind, drawing more victims into a twisted game of revenge.
Left behind at each new crime scene are cryptic notes that lead Kate to
a tragic secret. What she uncovers threatens to change everything she
thought she knew about the family she's fighting for, the Amish
community as a whole-and her own beliefs. As time to find the missing
girl runs out, Kate faces a harrowing choice that will test her
convictions and leave one family forever changed.

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