The Dog Who Danced

Justine Meade lost her mother, her home, even her son. The bright spot in her life, the partner she could always count on, was her gray and black Shetland sheepdog, Mack--that is, until she is summoned back to her hometown after years away. On her journey, an agonizing error separates Justine from Mack. As the stretch of highway between them grows longer, her chances of ever finding him seem to diminish.

Ed and Alice Parmalee are mourning a loss of their own. Seven years after their daughter was taken from them, they're living separate lives together, unable to address their unspeakable heartbreak. When they find a little sheltie by the side of the road, they take him in--and begin to bridge the bridge the chasm left between them.

Fiercely loyal and perceptive, Mack has a way of bringing out the best in his humans. Now everyone needs him. But to whom does the dog who danced truly belong?

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