Fatal Flowers

Book #3

Book #1 Death in Bloom, Book #2 Petals and Poison. As
Aerieville, Tennessee's Flower House finally gains in popularity,
Sierra Ravenswood finds herself feeling ready for new challenges.
Luckily, the shop has grabbed the attention of the mayor's
daughter, and bride-to-be, Marissa Lakely. Sierra is thrilled, and
nervous, to land her most important job yet: providing flowers for the biggest
wedding Aerieville has ever seen. Fortunately, Marissa bucks all stereotypes
and is far from a bridezilla--but her wedding planner, Taz Banyan, has
apparently taken on the role for himself. He's uptight, intense, and a little
intimidating. But Taz aside, everything seems to be under control...until Sierra
makes a startling discovery in the great room: the wedding planner, lying in a
heap at the bottom of the stairs, in very bad shape. In fact, he survives only
long enough to mutter: It was the snake. As Granny Mae would say, seeing a
snake is rarely a good sign, and this was clearly no exception. With the town
on edge and the wedding up in the air, Sierra refuses to stop asking questions
in her determination to put an end to this latest danger-so both Aerieville and
the Flower House can flourish once more.

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