A Season For Love *reissue*

*2 IN 1* *REISSUE* “Wallflower Christmas” Book #4.5 (Orig 10/08) Rafe Bowman comes to London for an arranged marriage with the perfect aristocratic bride. But before the courtship can begin, Rafe needs to learn the rules of London society. And when four former Wallflowers try to make him into a gentleman, their plans go wildly astray. Winning a bride turns out to be more complicated than Rafe Bowman anticipated as Christmas works in the most unexpected ways . . . and changes the most cynical hearts. “Mine Til Midnight” Book #1 (Orig 10/07) Amelia Hathaway is the oldest of four sisters and has only one brother to drive her mad. They live a genteel but impoverished life until they come into an unexpected inheritance. Suddenly they have a title, a small fortune, and a ramshackle estate in Hampshire. But they're completely unprepared for an upper-class life. Amelia does her best to rein in her colorful and unmanageable siblings to match society's expectations. Until the mysterious, extremely wealthy half-Gypsy Cam Rohan appears. Cam wants to leave his civilized existence and return to his roots. The irresistible attraction between Amelia and the exotically handsome Cam poses a huge problem for both of them--their goals and lifestyles are incompatible. However, as Amelia deals with a multitude of problems, including trying to save her alcoholic brother Leo from ruin, she finds herself turning to Cam Rohan, whose friendship turns into a passion that neither of them can deny.

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