Close To You *Repack*

*REISSUE* *2 IN 1* “Mind Over Matter” (Orig 1987). David Brady has found the perfect star for his documentary: Clarissa DeBasse, a psychic with ties to an infamous kidnapping. Unfortunately, no-nonsense talent agent A. J. Fields is protective of her client. David is a skeptic, and A.J. isn't going to let him ridicule Clarissa for the sake of his ratings. The enigmatic agent's exterior may just be a front, but David knows it's going to take a lot more than charm to get her on board with his plans. And when he discovers that A.J. is hiding a secret, David is determined to figure out what it is-and what it's costing A.J. to keep it locked away. “Lawless” (Orig 1989). When Sarah Conway moves to Lone Bluff, Arizona, she expects to reunite with her hardworking father, move in to a home and help continue to build the family business. Instead, she arrives to heartbreaking news: her father was killed in a mining accident. But even with no fortune and no family, Sarah is determined to make a home out of the frontier-no matter how many times rugged outlaw Jake Redman insists she go back to where she came from. Jake is constantly keeping Sarah out of trouble as she adjusts to her new life, but he slowly discovers that there's much more to Sarah. Soon he's wondering if convincing Sarah to leave is such a good idea.

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