Sunshine Season *reissue*

*REISSUE* *2 IN 1* 

“Temptation” (Orig 1987). Socialite Eden Carlbough was used to a life of luxury. But after her father suddenly passes, leaving none of his fortune behind, Eden forced herself to grow up. Step one was accepting a job at Camp Liberty, a summer camp for girls. Even after a year, Eden is still grappling with her new responsibilities-especially keeping the campers out of their neighbor's orchard. Chase Elliot is strict about trespassers. Eden is more than happy to stay out of his way, but soon she finds Chase bumping into her every chance he gets. Eden's past relationship proved to be a sham, so she constantly brushes Chase off, but sometimes temptation is too hard to resist. “The Best Mistake” (Orig 1987). Ex-model Zoe Fleming is now a hardworking single mom-and she wouldn't have it any other way. She does need a tenant to help with the household expenses, and when she enlists for one J. Cooper McKinnon signs the lease. Handsome as he is, Zoe is too busy for romance, and even if she wasn't, Coop is not the type of man she had in mind. Coop wasn't planning on settling down anyway, and he certainly didn't sign up to be a father, but the more time he spends getting to know Zoe and her son, Keenan, the more he can picture their future as a family. If only he can convince Zoe he's finally ready to commit.

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