Best Kept Lies/Father for her Baby

(ORIG 06/04) “Best-Kept Lies” by Lisa Jackson. Randi McCafferty has a secret--and keeping it could endanger her life. But it's the only option she has if she wants to keep her son safe. When her well-meaning but overbearing brothers hire Kurt Striker to protect Randi, she still doesn't trust Kurt enough to reveal the dark information she's holding...even if the handsome investigator insists that sharing the secret is the key to Randi's freedom. But Kurt is hiding something, too: he's beginning to fall for the very woman he's been entrusted to protect. Even as Randi opens up to Kurt--emotionally and personally--Kurt worries their vulnerability could endanger them both in a way he never imagined possible. “A Father for Her Baby” by B.J. Daniels. After witnessing a murder, Kit Bannack discovers she's set a killer on her trail. Fortunately, determined cowboy Luke St. John has taken Kit in for safekeeping. The handsome bodyguard has kept Kit and her child out of harm's way--and has surely stolen Kit's heart. But before they even think of being a family, they'll have to catch a killer.

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